Henrique João Lopes Domingos
Dep. de Informática, FCT-UNL
Quinta da Torre, Monte da Caparica
2928 416 Caparica [Map]

Office: P2/6, DI-FCT-UNL
Tel. +351 212948300 Ext. 10727, Email: click to get@fct.unl.pt

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> Phd and Msc Supervised Students:

Are you a motivated student interested in working on a research topic for possible MSc or PhD disssertation ? Do you want to explore research work on hot topics and open problems in the following topics ? Ask me for open opportunities.
(1) Dependable Distributed Computing;
(2) Secure Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing; Security for IoT
(3) Computer Systems and Network Security;
(4) Cloud Security and Privacy / Privacy-Enhanced Big Data Storage and Outsourceable Computation;
(5) Oblivious Storage and Computations
(6) Trust Computing Environments

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