Henrique João Lopes Domingos
Dep. de Informática, FCT-UNL
Quinta da Torre, Monte da Caparica
2928 416 Caparica [Map]

Office: P2/6, DI-FCT-UNL
Tel. +351 212948300 Ext. 10727.

Academic Positions

Teaching (DI-FCT-UNL, Courses in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020)

  • Ph.D. Program Courses

    • Computer Systems and Networks, PhD Program (2018/2019, 2019/2020)
        Autumn: Computer Systems and Networks Security Module
        • Topics:
            Decentralized Trust and Service Planes for Blockchains;
            Privacy-Enhanced End-to-End Anonymous Communication;
            Trusted Computing;
            Privacy-Preservion with Searchable Encryption.
  • M.Sc. Courses
    • 1st Sem.: Computer Systems and Networks Security (Lecturing and Labs)
    • 2nd Sem,: Dependable Distributed Systems (Lecturing and Labs)

  • B.Sc. Courses
    • 1st Sem.: Computer Networks (Labs)
    • 2nd Sem.: APDC: Engineering Project (Seminars and Labs)

Ph.D. and M.Sc Students

  • Orientations, Committees and Juries (2000-2015)

  • Ph.D. and M.Sc. Students (2016/2017 to 2018/2019):

    On-Going (2019-2020):
      Preparation (2nd Sem):
    • Rafael Rodrigues Gameiro (MSc), Topic: Mobile Trusted OS for a Secure Execution Environment (Prov. Title) Aproved Preparations for ellaboration (2nd Sem):
    • Nuno Sequeira Morais (MSc), Topic: Practical Virtual OS Library for Trusted Hardware-Shielded Containers (in ellaboration phase).
    • Miguel de Lemos Dias Rosa Anciães: (MSc), Topic: A Trusted and Privacy-Enhanced In-Memory Data Store (in ellaboraton phase).
    • João Carlos Cristo Reis: (MSc), Topic: TREDIS: A SGX-Enabled InMemory Key-Value Store (in ellaboration phase).

    Orientations in 2016-2019:

    >Ph.D. Students
    • João Cardia Rodrugues (PhD, started), Topic: Privacy-Enhanced Data Management with Searchable Encryption and Oblivious Processing (Sep/2017)
    • Bernardo Ferreira (PhD, finished), Topic: Privacy-Preserving Efficient Searchable Encryption (Oct/2016)
      Now Assistant Professor at FC-UL and Researchet at the LASIGE Research Center

    >M.Sc. Students (concluded thesis)
    • Miguel Egídio Reis (MSc), Topic: A Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized PKI (Sep/2019)
    • Ivo Silva Rocha (MSc), Topic: Secure Mobile Bluetooth-Enabled Cryptographic Provider (Sep/2019)
    • Emanuel Monteiro Carvalho (MSc), Topic: Secure Mobile Wallets with ARM TrustZone Execution Guarantees (Sep/2019)
    • António Manuel Barata Ribeiro (MSc), Topic: Secure Coud Operation with a Trusted Execution Envioronment (Mar/2019)
    • Francisco Godinho (MSc), Topic: Bringing Order into Things: Decentralized and Scalable Ledgering for the IoT (Oct/2018)
    • João Guita de Almeida (MSc), Topic: A Blockchain Platforms for the Internet of Things (Oct/2018)
    • Guilherme Borges (MSc), Topic: Practical Isolated Searchable Encryption in a Trusted Computing Environment (Feb/2018)
      Co-orientation w/ Bernardo Ferreira (Nova Lincs Research Center)
    • Filipe Miguel Correia (MSc), Topic: Privacy-Enhanced Query Processing on Cloud-Backed Encrypted DBaaS (Mar/2018)
    • Mário Gamero Almeida: (MSc), Topic: Searchable Encryption in a Privacy-Enhanced Storage Cloud Solution (Mar/2018)
    • Rui Sanches (MSc), Topic: To Block or Not Block - Crossing Walls in a Censored Internet (Oct/2017)
    • Francisco Pinheiro (MSc), Topic: Trusted Context-Based Access Control Enforcement for Mobile Applications (Mar/2017)
    • Luis Malhadas (MSc), Topic: Perceving is Believing - Ubiquitous Strong Authentication with Multimodal and Cognitive Factors (Mar/2017)
    • Pedro Alves (MSc Thesis), Topic: Audit Trails in Distributed Hybrid Intrusion Detection Platforms (Concluded, Mar/2016)
    • João Libório (MSc Thesis), Topic: Privacy-Enhanced Multi-Cloud Replicated Key-Value Stores (Concluded, Sep/2016)

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