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Departamento de Informática
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    Other R&D Projects
    References: Projects in Academic Extensions

    2019-2020: OSSE Project
    Focus: OSSE (Observatório de Adopção de Standards de Segurança) is a project initiative from ISOC.PT in collaboration with ISOC and the Internet.nl initiative aimed in setting-up a platform for on-line asessment of good practices in the adoption of open security standards, with a regular on-going observation in the progress of the adoption of those good practices and related IETF security standards' updates.
    More ...
    Project coordination: ISOC.PT, José Legatheaux Martins (PI)
    Participation: ISOC.PT project team member in the initial period (2019-2020) of design, development and setup for the platform operation.
    Note: the OSSE platform is in operation since 2019 and its regiular observations take place as an on-going ISOC.PT initiative, under the supervision and coordination of José Legatheaux Martins. Funding: Internet Society (ISOC.ORG and ISOC.PT Portugal Chapter.

    2015-2017: My Private Cloud - Privacy-Preserved Outsourced Storage as a Service
    Collaboration with Amazon Research
    Goal: A Research project focused on the design, development and experimental evaluation of trusted middleware services for a private-perserved cloud-enabled solution using Amazon S3
    More ... Partners: FCT-UNL Foundation, Amazon AWS Research
    Role: Project PI
    Funding: AWS Research Grant and Support for PhD Scholarships and Partnerships and Project Activities (Missions, Meetings and Publication Venues): 132K€ Focus: The project addressed the design of Searchable Encryption Constructions and Partial Homomorphic Cryptographic Schemes for Privacy-Preserved Content-Based Information Retrieval (CBIR) ing Cloud-Enabled Outsourced Databases and Key-Value Stores used as Backend Amazon S3 Storage as a Service.

    2011-2013: Buy It Now ByPhone - Components and tools for for marketing, catalog, advertising, pre-selling and selling services for mobile users of ECommerce Platforms.
    Collaboration: FCT/UNL, FCT/UNL Foundation, CITI Research Center and Buyitnow
    Goal: A solution with pluggable components and services for easy deployment of marketing, catalog, advertising, pre-selling, selling and payment services for ECommerce Platforms, supporting Android, Windows Mobile and Apple IoS mobile devices.
    More ... Partners: BIN - Buyitnow, FCT-UNL Foundation, CITI Research Center Role: Consultant and R&D Team Participant Funding: QREN/Compete Program, Portugal 2007-2013, FCT/UNL Funding: 19.2K€
    The evolution of this initial project was managed in the context of a joint-venture cosortium, as a product integrated and used by different ECommerce Platforms, such as the case of eBay (See here the current eBay use case.

    1992-1995 Supply Chain Platform for the Cementy Industry
    Project Focus: A Distributed Power-Supply Chaining Platform for the Cement Industry
    This project designed, developed and launched in operation a platform initially operated by SECIL Portugal, interconnecting the SECIL Cement Factory (Outão / Setúbal) and warehouses for sea and land loading of cement for the civil construction industry, distributed in 16 locations in the territory of Portugal.
    More ... The project was a pionneer initiative in building a TCP/IP enabled wide-area private network and open-source technology (including Linux based servers and a Jumbo patched NFS distributed file system and open support for DBMS-applications, interconnecting more than 100 endpoints at the Portugal scale. These endpoints covered the interconnection and automatic operation of industrial machinery, work stations, specialized heavy vehicule weighing scales, cement supply machinery for loading ships and point-of-sale equipments in different commercial warehouses.

    This project could be seen today as an "Industrial Enabled Internetworked Supply Chain Platform with Integrated IoT Equipments and Devices" ... But in 1992 the term/concepty IoT ... did not exist yet ;-(
    Partners: Secil Portugal, EF Tecnologias de Software, Fac. Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
    Role: Main software architect and chief engineer Funding: Secil Portugal

    1990-1993: FCCN Forum IP Vertente IP da rede RCCN (RCCN IP Network and Internet Interoperation
    Participant of the workgroup (Forum IP) for the implemenatio of the first IP Network and Internet Interconnection of the RCCN Academic Network
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    Project Goal:
    Design, implementation and operationalization of the IP based RCCN network, aimed to provide the Portuguese University Community with a network based on TCP/IP communication protocols and its interconnection to the worldwide Internet network in 1990.
    The project delivered, for the first time, the interconnection of the FCCN inter-academic network in Portugal with the global Internet.
    Project References: See this documnetation and historical references about the project
    Coordination: FCCN, José Legatheaux Martins (PI)

    R&D Projects in Entrepreneurship Activities

    Period: 1992-2023

      R&D projects for the Banking, Financing and Fintech Industry

      During the period I worked as project manager, principal architect, chief engineer or consultant in numerous R&D projects developed in the context of industrial consortia and professional collaborations in the field of Banking, Financing and Fintech Industrial Partnerships with different companies involved.
      More about institutions and partnerships Many of those projects are aliged with my entrepreneurship activities, participations in founding and creation of companies and professional consultancy activities for development of Fintech Products, Payment Systems, Multibanking and Omnibanking platforms for Retail, Corporate and Investment Banking Services and Consultancy Activities for Regulation Entities. Many products from these projects are currently operated and managed by different public and private institutions. Here are only some examples:

      • J.P. Morgan Bank (US)
      • Barclays Bank
      • Societé Generale (FR)
      • BVL - Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa (PT)
      • European Central Bank (DE)
      • HSBC Bank
      • CGD - Caixa Geral de Depósitos (PT)
      • Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade
      • Banco de Portugal (PT)
      • SIBS - Rede Interbanc%aacute;ria d Servi&cceil;os
      • Deutsche Bank (PT and DE)
      • Banco ABANCA (PT)
      • SIBS (PT)
      • BES - Banco Espírito Santo (PT)
      • Banco Montepio Geral (PT)
      • Banco do Brasil (BR, PT)
      • Bank of China (CN, PT)
      • Banco Nacional de Angola (AO)
      • Banco Valor (AO)

      Public Administration
      I was involved in dififerent projects, acting as project leader, project team member or contracted consultant, in the context of R&D projects and initiaties in collaborations with different public adminstration entities.
      More about involved entities These projects are aliged with entrepreneurship activities, professional consultancy activities, contracted consultancy or project management activities. Here are some entities for which I developed different projects:

      • ENISA - European Union Agency for Cybersecurity
      • European Comission
      • Presidência do Conselho de Ministros (PT)
      • CEGER - Centro de Gestão da Rede Informática do Governo de Portugal
      • Ministério da Educação (PT)
      • Minist&eacure;rio da Justiça (PT)
      • IGF - Inspeção Geral de Finanças (PT)
      • ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação (PT)
      • AICEP - Agência para o Investimento e Com&ecute;rcio Externo de Prtugal
      • Instituto de Defesa Nacioal
      • CNCS - Centro Nacional de Cibersegurança (PT)
      • CPLP - Comunidade dos Pa/iacute;ses de Língua Portuguesa (PT)