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A-OSGi: a framework to support the construction of autonomic OSGi-based applications
J. Ferreira, J. Leitão and L. Rodrigues

Published in Int. J. Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp.292-310, 2012).


The OSGi specification is becoming widely adopted to build complex applications. This paper proposes A-OSGi, a framework that leverages on the native features of the OSGi platform to support the construction of autonomic OSGi-based applications. A-OSGi offers a number of complementary mechanisms for that purpose, such as: the ability to extract indicators for the performance of deployed bundles; mechanisms that allow to have a fine grain control of how services bind to each other and to gather this information in runtime; and support for a policy language that allows the administrator to define autonomic behavior of OSGi applications. To illustrate the capabilities of our architecture, a prototype of A-OSGi has been implemented and evaluated with a proof-of-concept case study, where an application is adapted in face of a changing workload. Results show that the application exhibits a better performance when compared with the execution of the application without adaptation.

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