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Current PhD. Students:

Albert van der Linde
FCT - UNL, 2015-Present (Co-advised with Nuno Preguiça)
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PhD Topic: Large-Scale Storage Systems with Client Support (tentative).

Filipe Freitas
FCT - UNL, 2014-Present (Co-advised with Rodrigo Rodrigues)
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PhD Topic: Consistency in Geo-Replicated Systems.

Current MSc. Students:

Leonardo Fião
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present
Research Topic: Multi-hop communication in Wireless Edge Systems.

Filipe Luis
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present
Research Topic: A collaborative Peer-to-Peer Queuing System.

Francisco Fernandes
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present
Research Topic: Improving Web-Caching Systems with Transparent Client Support.

Pedro Fouto
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present (Co-advised with Nuno Preguiça)
Research Topic: Providing Causality in Large-Scale Partially Replicated Systemsi.

Krzesimir Samborski
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present (Co-advised with Hervé Paulino)
Research Topic: Connectivity in Mobile Edge Networks.

José Venâncio
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present (Co-advised with João Leite and Teresa Romão)
Research Topic: A Tool for Online Debates.

Gonçalo Tomás
FCT - UNL, 2015-Present
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Research Topic: Efficient data aggregation in the edge..

Flávio Fernandes
FCT - UNL, 2015-Present
Research Topic: Highly Robust Unstructured Overlay Networks for Geo-Distributed Settings.

Pedro Ákos Costa
FCT - UNL, 2016-Present (expected conclusion in 2018)
Research Topic: Computation in the Edge.

Current BSc. Students:

João Carvalho
FCT - UNL, 2015-Present
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Research Topic: Churn-tolerant Distributed Hash Tables.

João Neves
FCT - UNL, 2015-Present
Research Topic: Eviction Policies Enriched with Client Support in Distributed Caching Systems.

Past Msc. Students:

Pedro Durães
FCT - UNL, 2015-2016 (Co-advised with Nuno Preguiça)
MsC Topic: Integration of Browser-to-Browser Architectures with Third Party Legacy Cloud Storage.

Tiago Costa
FCT - UNL, 2015-2016
MsC Topic: Security and Privacy in Browser-to-Browser Web Applications.

André Sampaio
FCT - UNL, 2015-2016
MsC Topic: Partial Decentralized Photo Gathering based on Facial Recognition in Mobile Environments.

David Lopes
FCT - UNL, 2014-2016 (Co-advised with Rodrigo Rodrigues)
MsC Topic: Eventually Consistent Database Replication based on Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types.

Natacha P. Leitão
FC - UL, 2013-2015 (Co-advised with Francisco Couto)
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MsC Topic: Scalable, Precise, and High-Coverage Genomics Mapping.
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LLC-GNUMAP: Scalable, Precise, and High-Coverage Genomics Mapping. (Extended Abstract)
Natacha P. Leitão, João Leitão, and Francisco Couto.
Bioinformatics Open Days, Universidade do Minho Braga, Portugal, February, 2014.

Albert van der Linde
FCT - UNL, 2014-2015 (Co-advised with Nuno Preguiça)
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Enriching Web Applications With Browser-to-Browser Communication
Albert van der Linde
Master Thesis, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2015.

Mauro Silva
IST - UTL, 2011-2012 (Co-advised with Carlos Ribeiro)
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MobUser: A new user-centric publish-subscribe service for mobile devices
Mauro André Mendes Silva
Master Thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisnoa, 2012.

MobUser: publish-subscribe communication for mobile nodes
Mauro Silva, João Leitão, and Carlos Ribeiro
18th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Singapore, December 17-19, 2012.

Past BSc. Students:

Pedro Fouto
FCT - UNL, 2015-2016 (in collaboration with Nuno Preguiça)
Research Topic: Multiplayer Games in Browser-to-Browser Web Platforms.

Past Collaborators:

João Pedro Marques
Project: PeerVibes - Protocol Development

Pedro Pedrosa
Project: PeerVibes - Application Development

Pedro Ribeiro
Project: PeerVibes - Protocol Evaluation

Miguel Branco
Project: PeerVibes - Deployment and Evaluation

Diogo Mónica
Advisors: Carlos Ribeiro and Luís Rodrigues
Topic: Thwarting the Sybil Attack in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

João Ferreira
Advisors: Luís Rodrigues
Topic: Autonomic Performance Management in OSGi based Applications