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Flexible and Efficient Resource Location in Large-Scale Systems
J. Alveirinho, J. Paiva, J. Leitão, and L. Rodrigues

Selected sections of this report were published in the Proceedings of the 4th ACM SIGOPS/SIGACT International Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS), Zürich, Switzerland, 28-29 July 2010.


Inherent to the cloud computing paradigm is the ability to adjust or deploy, on demand, services to face dynamic changes on the workload. Therefore, one needs an infrastructure to keep track of the resource allocation in the system and to efficiently locate the resources required to launch a new service, or re-dimension a running service. In this paper we propose a novel peer-to-peer architecture for efficient resource location that avoids the bottlenecks of centralized or hierarchical directory services.