Secure and Scalable Platform for Massive-scale Mobile Applications
Project #PTDC/CCI-INF/32662/2017, 2018-2021, FCT/MCTES

Mobile applications have become the platform of choice for deploying innovative services. The interaction among users plays a central role in many of these novel applications, including multi-user games, applications for enhancing user experience in large events and touristic activities, among others. Traditional cloud-based architectures, where all interactions are mediated by servers lead to scalability and reliability issues.

In this project we propose adopting a decentralized architecture where mobile devices communicate directly and rely on cloud and edge resources for providing efficient, highly available and reliable solutions. To make these solutions a reality, we are focusing on the following three main challenges:

As a predecessor of this project, and extended during this project, we have built Legion, a framework for extending web applications with peer-to-peer interactions. Legion relies on WebRTC, STUN and TURN to allow web clients to securely replicate data objects and synchronize peer-to-peer. Legion relies on cloud services for providing data durability - it provides an API compatible with Google Drive Realtime. This was a result of SyncFree project (2013-16, UE FP7) and LightKone project (2017-19, UE H2020, 732505).

Open Positions

The project is finished but we are still doing research in the same topics - if you are a prospective MSc or phD student interested in these topics, send me a message for knowing more information.



Sérgio Duarte
Bernardo Ferreira
João Leitão (co-PI)
João Lourenço
Albert van der Linde
Nuno Preguiça (PI)